Friday, December 19, 2008

Lisa's Public Gallery

Here is a site with some fun items. Check it out. She does great work!
The mens & womens Ed shirts are $40, long sleeve $45, men & womens Hoodies $75, Ed totes $75, Boots $120 swimsuits $45, jeans $75, hats $30, scarves $35, all tracksuits $65, umbrellas $30, kids gear. These are not authentic as you might can tell from the price, but very good quality. Shipping is included in the price. And just to let you know, I'm in Atlanta. I HAD an Ebay store and ship worldwide, so I post worldwide. I'm a Verified Premier PayPal Member with well over 400 sells & transactions. Getting the item/s to you wouldn't be a problem. I ship a.s.a.p. following cleared payment and I use delivery confirmation so once payment is complete I'll send your tracking number. I accept PayPal, Postal and Western Union money orders. All orders have to be paid for up front and it takes about 2 weeks to receive.
P.S. X-Mas is right around the corner!! My socks are GREAT for gift giving or stocking stuffers!! Single pairs $5, 3 pks. $10

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