Thursday, April 9, 2009

Giveaway for a BioGreen Water Bottle

Frugal Momma of 2 Girls

Is having a giveaway for a BioGreen Water bottle. I know I am trying to switch to being green. I take water to work with me and would love to have this safe water bottle.

Here is some information about BioGreen Bottles:

"BioGreen BottlesTM are part of the California Springs Water Bottle line. California Springs Bottles have been continuously produced in our Southern California manufacturing facility for the past 25 years. From humble beginnings, we have grown into one of the top bottle manufacturing companies in the bicycle and advertising specialty industries. We now produce several million bottles annually. All of our bottles are made in the USA. "

I love that they are made here in the USA. I take water to work with me and like that these are safe. I have been slowly switching over to being green. If you would like to try to win one of these click BioGreen Bottle Giveaway to go to Frugal Momma of 2 Girls and enter.

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